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The next generation of PrometheanFX has gone gold! Please seePrometheanFX Editor for more information.


PrometheanFX v2 Composite currently scheduled to be released Q3 of 2007.

PrometheanFX for games, multimedia and film.       


Founded in 2000, DAM Entertainment LLC specializes in creating advanced visual effects toolsets for content developers. This includes powerful, easy-to-use SDK's for game developers, stand-alone compositing tools, and plug-ins for 3D animation software. DAM Entertainment's products are designed specifically with the artist in mind. Ease of use is a top priority and customer feedback is critical to our design process.


Why the name "DAM Entertainment"?

The original founder used his initials (D. A. M.) and created DAM Entertainment. The name has since been well received (with much humor :-) and continues to gain reputation for quality software.


Where is the company located?

We are based in California, USA and sell our software worldwide. We currently maintain multiple locations with a concentrated effort to keep overhead low and software quality high.


How long have you been around?

The company was founded in 2000 and released the initial product (v1.0 of PrometheanFX) in 2002. Most recently, the company has been on an aggressive track for growth given the sharply rising costs for developing complex animation used in film and software.

What do you do?

We create and maintain software toolsets for artists and animators in the entertainment gaming and animation/film industries. We focus on creating software that is easy to use and community friendly.

Why would we buy your products?

The most direct reason would be cost. DAM Entertainment has chosen to specialize in the creation of toolsets for the use by the customer. This means that we create tools for a specific market with a specific purpose which we can spend all of our time to optimize and improve. We then sell this to our customers who can buy it at a fraction of what it would cost them to create internally (in both time and money). In effect, the customer can get the results of years of internal development for a minor licensing fee.

Ok, but why would we buy YOUR products?

Specifically, DAM Entertainment prides itself on the software we create (both power and ease of use) as well as our customer support. We firmly believe that the best person to help design and contribute to our software is the customers that use it. DAM Entertainment listens to its customers and designs accordingly. On top of our focus, we have years of experience in-house at designing toolsets for both the entertainment software industry as well animation toolsets. Try our products and compare the use of our tools to our competitors.


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Corporate Address

DAM Entertainment LLC

703 Pier Ave. Suite B #654

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, USA

Tel: (310) 421-4330

Fax: (310) 356-4922


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